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Where passion, knowledge and technique meet to create high quality hand crafted Rosin. Our attention to detail has been honed through the years of expertise. Processing starting with selection of samples with the best purity to ensure a clean end product. Keeping in mind a clean start will lead to an enjoyable safe end product. With our strict guidelines we ensure the best scenario from start to finish with your experience in mind.

Photography courtesy of  Dabber.Man


We have come a LONG way since the begginings and intend to evole constantly as we learn and experiment on our craft. From the press to the bag to the paper all are researched and the best are chosen.


After sampling, selecting and testing through hundereds of strains. We've honed down the selection process to only the finest craft grown with love and care. Collaborations are welcome when like minds align working towards a common goal.


Keeping our eye on the future of rosin while paying attention to our own craft is what we do here. Always on the look out for new techniques and ways to advance our understandings and capabilities.

(solventless THC-A)


Bringing the best available terpenes from our source material at a consistency you desire. Dedicated, understanding and able with years in the field of his passion.

Head extractor and Lead consultant.

Dabber.Man (Instagram)